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Grammar Checker

Usually, to make your term paper appreciated, it’s not enough to just provide a qualitative study of the subject. Of course, the most important factor on the road to success is your study of the topic and detailed answers for all the necessary questions. However, what makes your text enjoyable? How to make the best impression on the teacher, and at the same time, prove that you took the task as seriously as possible? All these questions should be replaced with the most important one: “How to check my grammar?”

Even if you perfectly mastered all the scientific facts, explained each line of your text, but at the same time, did a lot of grammatical errors, your work will never make a good impression. A person reading a text with spelling errors will draw a conclusion that you are not serious about the task, or, perhaps, you were in a hurry and didn’t even read the result before presenting it to others. Obviously, the efforts of such a student are unlikely to be highly appreciated.

How to Check My Grammar?

Text works are checked by editors – people who have devoted their lives to learning the language. Such experts can improve your text, correcting grammatical and spelling errors, as well as help you with punctuation.

Fortunately, now everyone has Internet access, and computers are able to cope with even more complex tasks. Now you can choose among many grammar checkers that have different algorithms of work and specialize in different tasks, so that each student can find a program for his own purposes.

How Does Grammar Checkers Work?

Such a program automatically corrects mistakes and inaccuracies committed by authors during typing and copying originals. They might not have been noticed by the author or other workers preparing the materials. Proofreading is carried out automatically, by making corrections directly in the text, highlighting errors by color, and suggesting options for replacing the incorrect word or sentence.

The grammar checker includes the following services:

  • Correction of typos (incorrectly written words that appear in the text by inattention or if you hurry).
  • Grammar check. Grammar errors may be derivational, morphological or syntactic.
  • Errors of word-formation – parts of the word connected in the wrong order and the wrong formation of new words. An example of derivational error is the use of nonexistent derivative words instead of existing words with a different suffix.
  • Morphological errors – incorrect formation of grammatical forms (case, plural forms, countable and not countable nouns, short forms and comparison). Typical morphological errors are the words in a non-existing or inappropriate context, in a modified form.
  • Syntax check. Syntactic errors are incorrect combinations of syntactic units (word combinations and sentences); non-compliance with the rules for word alignment and syntactic control; the lack of correlation between the parts of the sentence with each other; errors in the structure of word combinations; improper hyphenation use.
  • Spelling rules include rules for the designation of sounds by letters, the rules for the capital letters and graphic abbreviations, the rules for merging, hyphens and spelling of words.
  • Punctuation check – correct use of punctuation. Let us recall why punctuation is needed: it’s used to distinguish syntactic structures (or their elements) in the text; fix the left and right parts of the syntactic structure or its element; combine different syntactic structures into one.

Grammar check will make your text perfect. Having a competently written term paper, you can be sure that you will make the best impression, because you will show not only your knowledge of a particular subject, but also the ability to correctly express thoughts and formulate phrases. You can show that you are a balanced personality, and this is already a huge step on the road to success.